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About page, suxx0rs.

Yo guys.

It's your other moderator that has no real use except possibly saying something incredibly and amazing that'll make you go, "lololol1olo11!!11 ur sooo funny wtfx0rs".

Yes, bad grammar and all.

Hm. I'm a rather large hypocrite so I'm not going to disclose a picture of myself. In return I promise to never judge you on your looks. Just your personality. I'm awesome, I know.

I dunno how long this community will last. That depends on you people. I'll probably think of a random, pointless contest from time to time. So, y'know, it'd be cool if people entered.

wut wut.


I forgot to talk about my personal self.

Hmm... I dunno. People say I'm awesome, so I've got that going for me. I dislike people I think are stupid, but that's a pretty broad range of people so just hope you're not in that category.

That's all now.

Bye, lovely ones.
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