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Let's break hearts in our legacy.

And make our words fucking glow.

CHEEKY BASTARDS - a rating community
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Hello, and welcome to cheekybastards. Yes, this does happen to be another rating community. No, we do not put up with trolls, so don't even bother applying if you happen to be one. In cheekybastards, we're mostly concerned with your intelligence and whatnot. And your creativity with words. Meaning, we're looking for WRITERS. We are not concerned with your appearance. We are not concerned with your body and how hot it is or whatever. So please don't post pictures of yourself that you wouldn't let your mother see. We're the parents here. And we'll spank you if you disobey us. >:( Or... maybe not. Anyway. While we do ask that you post at least two pictures of yourself in your application, we will not be judging on how you look. Though if you do post really, really, super stupid pictures of yourself that makes you look like a complete asshole, someone is bound to comment on it. =\ That's life. So, again. Post pictures of yourself that you actually like, and chances are, we'll like them too. Woohoo.

Also, please note that this community has moderated membership. This is to prevent trolling. Please don't let this discourage you from joining, though. We're a really, uh, nice community.

Moderators: Chelsey (lookadinosa__ow) & Kelly (perfectexcuses)

General rule:
1. Respect Chelsey and Kelly, 'cause they don't like to mess around with people's bullshit. :(

For applicants:
1. Respect all members. In return, we'll respect you.
2. Do not join if you cannot handle constructive criticism, or just blatant honesty.
3. As stated before, you must include at least two pictures of yourself. If, for some reason, we believe you are a fake, then we'll ask for a proof picture. Otherwise, it's not necessary. Also, DON'T join if you don't have at least two pictures of yourself. It's as simple as that. You'll be rejected without the pictures. We like to put a face with the personality, thanks.
4. Put your WHOLE application under a LJ-cut. Every little bit of it. If you do not know how to use a LJ-cut, then find out before posting your application. We really don't have any tolerance for ignorance and stupidity, especially when it comes to extremely simple things.
5. Only people who are 14+ may apply to this community. Any younger, you'll be automatically rejected.
6. When you post your application, do not reply to any comments given by members on said application. You may only reply when the member CLEARLY STATES that you can. But please don't argue with us. That's just annoying.
7. Obviously, you need to fill out the entire application. We will disable comments until you do this, so members won't have to waste their time voting on an unfinished application.
8. Do not annoy the living fuck out of us by asking us when you will be stamped. WE WILL STAMP YOU EVENTUALLY. End of story.
9. So we know you've read the rules, put "ready & willing" as the subject in the post to your application.
10. If you start getting votes that happen to be "no," then don't be a chickenshit and delete your application/disable comments. That's fucking retarded, sorry. You joined this community KNOWING that it was possible to get "no" answers, so don't flip out when they actually come.
11. Obviously, you need to be a WRITER to apply to this community. If you aren't a writer, don't apply. If your grammar/spelling skills are less than desirable, don't apply. Please, don't make a fool out of yourself.

Last, but not least, thank you for applying to cheekybastards.

For members:
1. Do not spam your communities here. UNLESS you have permission from either Chelsey or Kelly beforehand. Otherwise, we don't really care.
2. When voting, don't be a complete, total dickhead for NO REASON. You have to put actual reasons for why you rejected/accepted an applicant. We don't give a fuck if you're tired, okay, that's no excuse for laziness. So all we're saying is that "I just liked/disliked you" is not, in fact, even close to being an acceptable reason.
3. When voting, list what you liked about the applicant with "+" and list what you didn't like about the applicant with "-," as to make it easier for the applicant to decipher what exactly you're, er, trying to say.
4. When voting, put either "yes" or "no" or "undecided" in the subject line of your comment. If your vote happens to be undecided, ask the applicant a question that will ultimately make your decision. Or something. But your vote has to eventually change from "undecided" to a "yes" or a "no."
5. When making a general post, make sure to put "stamped" in the subject line.
6. Make sure to stay active. If we notice that you have been inactive for over a week, then we will remove you from this community. However, if you're going to be gone for a long period of time, then please let us know so we don't cut you on accident!
7. And please, please promote. :( Otherwise, we'll die. And that would suck. A lot.
8. Do not fucking reject someone on the basis of what goddamn EMOTICON they use. Why the hell should you care?
9. And never reject someone because of their sexuality. This includes younger people who happen to say they're bisexual. If they say they're bisexual, then whatever. It's really none of your concern.

NOTE: Fill out EVERY single question the application asks of you. This is very, very important. And just copy and paste this form into your post so you don't fuck the application up or anything. That's annoying. You also might wanna preview your actual application before you post it. Just a suggestion.

lookadinosa__ow - About - Email

perfectexcuses - About - Email

blackroseasylum - Application

You must understand that cheekybastards is only a COMMUNITY, made in good fun. We do not claim to be better than anyone. We do not claim to be elitists. We do not think we're the greatest shit to ever walk the planet. If you were rejected, then it wasn't because you're a fucking retard and the world hates you. It's because you just aren't what we're looking for. And you can deal with that in whatever way you please. Bitch, moan, cry, write us hatemail, whatever. The fact is that this is JUST one community, and we highly doubt it will have a huge impact on your life or social status. So you can either exit gracefully, or just make an ass out of yourself. Your choice.

However, please do not harass a member of this community on their own personal journal. The same goes for members harassing an applicant on their journal. That's just... fucking dumb. And extremely, extremely rude and disrespectful to that person. If you have a problem, then take it up with me (Chelsey) or Kelly.


All fonts seen on this community were obtained from DaFont. All graphics were created on Paint Shop Pro 8 and Animation Shop 3 by lookadinosa__ow. And... that's all.

Thanks for, uh, glancing over the info page, I guess. Was it good for you?