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1. Name?: Jessica, also known as Headless Chicken Spatula. :D
2. Age?: Fifteen. Sixteen in September.
3. Gender?: Female. Except for, you know, my invisible penis.
4. Location?: The home of patriotic beer. In other words, Canada.
5. Sexual orientation?: Bisexual.
6. Relationship status?: Single.

7. Tell us about yourself: Physically? Well, I'm short, Chinese, have extremely long hair and wear glasses that you will not see in pictures. Otherwise? I'm a bit of (meaning an extreme) fangirl, which usually results in gratuitous caps lock abuse and keyboard mashing. I flit from obsession to obsession like a bee on crack, though I may occasionally fly into a tree with my busy-bee wings and fall into a single obsession for a very long time. Usually these obsessions contain pretty boys. Oh, I also like slash. A lot. It pwnzzz000rrzz my life + 2 x infinity. :D
8. What are your hobbies?: Uhm, well. Slash. Though I don't know if that can really be considered a hobby for me anymore; it's more of a preference. Obviously, I also enjoy reading, and writing the occasional bad fanfic.
9. What are your interests, or what do you like?: Slash. Yes. You saw that one coming. Anime/manga, books, most fanfiction, music... The usual. Most of it's in my userinfo.
10. What do you dislike?: Narrow-mindedness. >F The idiot breed of fangirls that insist on arbitrarily hating anyone who is rumoured to be dating their object of obsession. The idiot breed of fangirls that dump their boyfriends for the object of their obsession. Idiot breeds of fangirls in general. People who friend others just to expand their list. Many other things which I can't remember.
11. What are your best qualities?: My openminded-ness, I suppose (though that can also make me a bit of a deadweight at times. XD;) My lack of sanity. My excess of crack. My... obsessive-ness?
12. What are your worst qualities?: My sensitivity to what others think of me. How I sometimes don't think before I say something. My paranoia about friends. My shyness in real life.

Other people:

13. What do you suppose complete strangers think of you?: In real life, I suppose they'd probably think I'm a shy, quiet, innocent little girl (oh how wrong they are...). Online, they'd either think I'm completely anal and bitchy or crazy, hyper and on crack.
14. What about your friends?: Most real life friends would consider me the shy, quiet, innocent type. All online friends know me to be crazy, hyper and on crack. :D
15. What about weird perverts?: "Oh look! One of our kind!"
16. Are you a weird pervert?: No, of course not. *cough*
17. Do you honestly judge a book by its cover?: Sometimes.
18. What stereotype would friends/strangers label you as?: Nerdy Asian kid.


19. Color: Don't have one, but if I had to pick, I guess orange or blue.
20. Movie: Les Choristes.
21. Band/singer: At the moment, Lead.
22. Song: "Baby Running Wild" - Lead
23. Person: That one voice in my head.
24. Mod: Erm. Kelly, because I know her better. ^^; Sorry Chelsey?
25. Television show: I don't watch TV, bitches. >P

Are you more:

26. Conceited or a people-person?: People-person.
27. Sensitive or insensitive?: Sensitive.
28. Emotional or stoic?: Emotional.
29. Outgoing or shy?: Outgoing online, shy in real life.
30. Confident or do you have low self-esteem?: Somewhere in between, but closer to the second option.
31. Fashionable or casual?: Casual.
32. Positive or negative?: Positive.
33. Happy or angry?: Happy.
34. Hyper or calm?: Hyper.
35. Forgiving or do you hold grudges?: Forgiving.
36. Defensive or laid-back?: Laid back.


37. Favorite author, and why?: Neal Shusterman, because he's written most of my favourite books. I'd never be able to work a plot and characterize the way he does, and I really admire most of his works.
38. Favorite book, and why?: Thief of Souls, second book in The Star Shard Trilogy by Neal Shusterman. Why? Well, it's got slash, for one thing. And the slash isn't just there for kicks; it's got an actual point the plot. I fangirl over it liekwoah.
39. Favorite thing about your own writing?: My run-on sentences. I kid you not.
40. When it comes to your writing, what certain aspects do you think you need to work on or improve on?: Characterization. Dialogue. The more nit-picky grammar. Description. Everything. ._. But mostly the first four.
41. Do you have any "muses?" If yes, explain them: My muses would be whatever/whomever I'm obsessing over at the time. And certain friends of mine.
42. Are you fearless when you write? Meaning, do you write what you want, when you want, no matter the controversy of the subject you're writing about?: Usually.
43. Are you an "elitist writer?": I don't think so, since I rather dislike elitism as a whole. ._.

44. Write us a short, original piece that revolves around these topics: angst, anger, hopelessness, emotional pain (Note: anything is acceptable here - homosexuality, swearing, sexual themes, violence, etc. Just... write. Though it must be in prose form. No poetry/songs. And ABSOLUTELY NO FANFICTION.)

He wonders how he got into this mess.

Living in the back of an alley, eating out of garbage cans and whatever food he can find off the ground. He won't beg for money; charity was never an easy thing for him to accept. Instead he steals. There's a sense of accomplishment when he takes something that belongs to someone else, as opposed to it being given to him. Stealing makes him feel as if he's better than that person, if only for a moment. Charity makes him feel like trash.

But you are trash, David, a little voice in the back of his head tells him. You have been since the day you were born. Since the day you nearly killed your best friend in a fourth-grade fight. Since the day your mother did what she did to you...

It's when his thoughts turn in this undesirable direction that he goes off to find an escape. Nothing quite like using hard-earned(stolen) money to acquire a bit of mind-altering plant rolled up in a piece of paper.

He lights the joint, and he knows he's become a stereotype. He's always hated being a stereotype.

But as he feels the smoke wash over his face, carried by a tauntingly gentle wind, he begins to think that it doesn't matter anymore.

Writing at 3 AM with my dad yelling at me to go to sleep is not conducive to good prose. >>

Opinion on:

45. Homosexuality or gay marriage: Personally, I think marriage is overrated, but people should be able to marry whom they wish. I also don't really like the use of labels like "homosexuality". It segregates people and puts them in neat little boxes, and theoretically, anyone could be attracted to anyone else. Love is love. Lust is lust. It's unnecessary to categorize it.
46. George Bush: Ahahahahaha. No. Just no.
47. Drugs: People can do what they want. I don't care what they snort or inject into their bodies as long as they're not forcing it on other people.
48. Death penalty: Undecided. On one hand, someone dangerous could escape and harm more people without the death penalty. On the other, you could actually be killing someone innocent. So I don't really know.
49. Cheating on your partner/spouse: Extremely disrespectful in general, but with something like this I go on a case-by-case basis.
50. Sex before marriage: As long as you know what you're getting into, have a wild time.
51. Sex when you're only 13, 14, 15-years-old: See above answer.
52. For a lack of a better word(s), bible-humpers: Don't like 'em. I've got no problem with Christians, but if you force it on me, I find that disrespectful and immature.


53. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?: Elysia, after the Elysian Fields of Greek mythology.
54. What do you believe in?: A lot of things.
55. What do you think is the most disturbing fairy-tale of all time?: Ahaha. This question reminds me of Count Cain (or Kaori Yuki in general). I suppose either Snow White or Sleeping Beauty, the originals. Not the Disney versions.
56. What do you think is the most disturbing movie of all time?: I don't really watch movies, but I suppose the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I'm trying to think of a movie that's psychologically disturbing, but I keep coming up with blanks. XD;
57. If you could banish one person out of your life forever, who would it be?: If I wanted to banish someone out of my life, they wouldn't be in it in the first place.
58. What is/are your guilty pleasure(s)?: Boybands, sometimes. That's about it. I'm generally proud to like what I do.
59. Do you have a pet? If yes, post a picture. If you don't have a picture of your pet, then tell us about him/her: Don't have a pet.
60. When you die, what do you want to be written on your gravestone?: "And now she knows"


Here and here. Since there wasn't a banner I just decided to take the top image in the userinfo. Hope you don't mind. Don't worry, I didn't direct link. :P


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Yay. I'm done.
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